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      Eskimo Refrigeration Industries


      Manufactured for various industrial needs, our refrigeration equipment have carved a niche in various industrial segments. Designed with attention and specification to each and every detail, our equipment are highly durable and corrosion resistant. We have developed products concentrating on each production aspect so that only flawless products are produced and delivered. Catering to the needs of variegated industries, our products have various specialized features and can function efficiently. Checked on various quality parameters and as per the desired technical details, our products are made under the supervision of experienced professionals. Our range includes:

      Mini Dairy Plants
      We are mainly engaged in supply of Mini Dairy Plants having capacity from 500 Ltrs/day to 2000 Ltrs/day which is pre-fabricated ready to use without any foundation required.

      * Model No : E R I 05
      * Capacity : 500 L P D
      * Area Required : 500 Sq. Ft.
      * Connected K.W. : 5 KW (7.5 H.P.)
      * Phase : 3 phase 440 V
      * Model No : E R I 10
      * Capacity : 1000 L P D
      * Area Required : 700 Sq. Ft.
      * Connected K.W. : 7.5 KW (10 H.P.)
      * Phase : 3 phase 440 V
      * Model No : E R I 20
      * Capacity : 2000 L P D
      * Area Required : 1000 Sq. Ft.
      * Connected K.W. : 10 KW (13 H.P.)
      * Phase : 3 phase 440 V

      Liquid Milk Processing Plant
      Leveraging on our extensive experience, we provide liquid milk processing plant, which has a capacity of handling 1k-5 lacs liters per day. Working principle: Milk is received in a dump tank from the road milk tankers and is chilled upto 4?oC in chilling unit.

      Further, the chilled milk is pasteurized in a milk pasteurizer and the cream is alienated from the milk, using a cream separator to get skimmed milk. The milk is standardized, depending on the requirement for toned milk, double toned milk, skimmed milk or full cream milk. Additionally, the separated cream is processed further to manufacture ghee and butter. Our liquid milk processing plant can operate for 20 hours in a day.

      Milk Product Manufacturing Plant
      We design and supply various plants for manufacturing powder, ghee, cream, paneer, butter, cheese. We supply equipment like ghee boilers, cheese vats, settling tanks butter churn, cream separators etc. Our dairy by product processing plant is also robust in construction and highly durable.

      Ice Cream Plants
      We use latest technology available in the market to come up with an exquisite range of equipment used in ice cream plant. The machines are manufactured from durable range of raw materials and are rigid in construction. Easy to operate, our ice cream processing machines works continuously and promises high performance over a long period.

      The machines can efficiently perform different functions like ice cream churning, cone baking, cone ejecting and several others. Some of the important equipment that we supply are pasteurizers for ice cream mix, ice cream mixing vat aging vats, refrigeration system, cold store ventury and funnel for mixing powder butter.

      Ice Plants and Cold Storage
      We are successfully manufacturing, exporting and commissioning equipment of ice plants. The machines are fabricated by using latest technology and are known for durability and easy operation. Good refrigeration capacity of the machines enables them to produce different sizes and shapes of ice like cylinder ice, crushed ice and many more in wide range of capacities. The ice obtained from the machines is of good quality to meet any requirement from processing to prestigious dining and beverage use.

      Turnkey Projects
      we provide services to our customers on various projects which we undertake such as:

      * Refrigiration
      * Steam
      * Electrical Insulation
      * Piping

      Bulk Milk Cooler
      We manufacture a wide range a milk coolers with a capacity ranging from 1000-100000 lac liters, we are serving the purpose of chilling milk in varied capacities. Fabricated from high grade stainless steel - 304, our milk coolers ensure the hygienic aspect of the product along with its durability and strength. Catering to the requirements of the clients as per their specifications, our milk cooling equipment finds application in a number of processing industries.

      Milk Storage Tank
      We offer finest quality milk storage tank, which are widely used in the food industries that are engaged in the manufacture of dairy products. Our tanks are specially designed to ensure that the entire volume stays cold and fat is not separated from the milk. Manufactured from quality stainless steel, the product has features of low maintenance, superior resistance, easy to install, user friendly and high performance. Our range of insulated type milk storing tanks are available in the following capacity:

      * 1KL to 30KL(In Horizontal Type)
      * 1KL to 100KL(In Vertical Type)

      Apart from this, our range are used in the following industries:

      * Dairy Industry
      * Fruit Industry
      * Pulp Industry
      * Glucose Industry

      Milk Storage Tank

      Ghee Boiler
      We offer a wide range of ghee boilers, which are mainly used in dairies and fruit industries. Our range of product are available in the capacity of 300 kg to 2000 kg as well as we provide customization facilities as well.

      Our range of ghee boilers are made up of S.S. 316 / S.S. 304 and having the following features:

      * Its construction is jacketed insulated with hemispherical bottom type
      * Heating by #kg/cm2 working dry steam pressure


      Eskimo Refrigeration Industries

      S.No. 85/1, Shree Shankar Nagar, B-Building, G Floor, Poud, Road, Kothrud
      Pune, Maharashtra - 411 038, India

      Phone : +(91)-(20)-25381934/ 32910820
      Fax : +(91)-(20)-25381934
      Email : Email contact form